March 18, 2011

We still want to see your butt.

Post by Ogilvy

The last few weeks have been extremely exciting at the agency –plenty of campaigns and projects, most notably phase 2 of for the Colorectal Cancer Association Of Canada.

What a pleasure it was to jump back into an awareness campaign for screening which was as wildly successful with the public at large as it was with the North American advertising community. We’re talking 62,000 visits in one month, 360,000 pages read, a 100% increase in total visits on the website, and the icing on the cake – 9 awards for digital and traditional creative, including a prestigious MIXX in New York.

This year our goal is to increase the drive-to-web campaign visibility by adding a TV and radio presence. The now-famous bus butts will be going national and we have created the “Butt Bus”, an innovatively cool way of expressing the campaign’s overall character.

What’s more, the new video on the microsite, inspired by the agency’s own interactive Xmas card, brings it all full circle. This year, internauts are invited to virtually share photocopies of their own butts on Facebook, Twitter and by e-mail.

So come on, show us yours.

March 11, 2011

one step closer to the cloud…

Post by Valentin Backofen

Once upon a time I mini-ranted about the cloud not really being ready for all of us to move in. And only a week ago Google’s mail service once again went down taking a couple thousand (now restored) email accounts with it in the process…

There are more cloud based services out there, but since two days one in particular has caught my eye. Cloud coding. Just about two years ago, the mozilla foundation created Bespin. I have to admit, I never heard of it, not conciously anyways. Bespin has since then now moved on to a third name, but more on that later. Back then I was (and still am) perfectly happy with Eclipse. Eclipse extended by PDT, FDT and (the recently aquired) Aptana all hooked into an SVN let me code in full comfort.

But that bliss was kind of blown wide open on March 4th. A simple poll that has led to some frenetic searchning, reading and trying. It turns out that the browser based coding environment is already quite crowded. No FDT substitute is to be found yet, but I am sure that will come to fruition sooner rather then later as well. As a matter of fact I don’t think I have seen mention of any browser based coding environment that allows developers to compile something. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Given life, and the life that fills my own walls, I have to admit, that my exposure to the platforms I am about to link to is rather limited. But still I did install or run all of them and I have chosen a front runner, for myself that is, already.


Formally known as Bespin, then Skywriter and now ACE – this open source editor has a most intriguing installment over at Cloud9. It has one thing going for it, it is indredibly slick. It seems to have an impressive user base and it hooks directly into your GIThub. Finally the very impressive backers make it clear for why this platform is the front runner on the poll, the backers are non other then the before mentioned Mozilla foundation as well as Two names that undeniably have a lot of weight.
Support syntaxes: Javascript , HTML, CSS, XML, Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, C++, CoffeeScript


Slick, clean and hassle free, are the first words that come to mind. This program takes some setting up on your end. This might also be a draw-back, especially having just been over at the Ace, where a simple sign up to Cloud9 gave me what I came for. But most developers, like myself are not afraid of a little tinkering to make things work I guess, so not all that bad again I guess. Also CodeMirror has one very impressive list of supported languages…I do personally have one issue with this platform, and I don’t know if it is reasonable or not, but as such, it seems to be a one man show. Surely not on the development front, but there is one name only that is fronted on the site, and one name alone. Much like with Ruby I like the product, but there is just something wrong…but again that might just be me , oh no wait, the poll result says otherwise for now.

Supported syntaxe’s : JavaScript, XML/HTML, CSS, HTML mixed-mode, SPARQL, HTML+PHP mixed-mode, Python, Lua, Ruby (unfinished), SQL, PLSQL, diff, Groovy, C#, Scheme, Java, XQuery, OmetaJS, Freemarker, Regular Expressions

Eclipse Orion

Again one of those big names. And as I said earlier, the simple name just makes me bias for it. Eclipse has been 1st choice tool since for ever. installing it, I was hoping that I would be able to implement any existing Eclipse libraries into it. But with the base install all that I could get to work was writing JavaScript and CSS. Maybe I am missing something, and I am sure I am, but I lost interest pretty fast, so the current installment,  just did not do it for me. So I am leaving the Supported Syntaxe’s out of this one. As such I will certainly keep a close eye on this one, but I will stick to Eclipse Helios and Subclipse for now


SourceKit is an implementation of the before mentioned Ace platform. It is directly integrated into Chrome (or Chromium for myself). And those of you that read me, know that I have a soft spot for this browser (though I have to admit that Firefox 4 Beta is looking incredibly promising). What really got me exited about this platform, and transfer a project to it, is how it ties in with So this allows you to work on your projects from one computer to the other. I think the user could be given the choice on which cloud space to use, UbuntuOne come to mind, but at any rate this truly looks powerful, and will, for now, be the tool I will play around with. There is one problem I do have with source-kit, it’s dropbox linkup and the whole cloud computing concept in general (yes I am looking at you Chrome OS). What happens if you are, god-forbid, in a net-less place. I did try myself, I unplugged my network cable and fired up source-kit, no error, not nothing, just a never ending attempt to connect to my drop-box. Why does the program not simply store my work in the local Dropbox folder that will synch as soon as I come back online, just a thought.As long the 100% up global spanning wireless network is not accessible by you and me, cloud OSes are just not the way that I see us going yet.

So while I am waiting for Eclipse to eclipse them all…Ace is the platform, and SourceKit is my favored flavor of it.But as of yet, not having any auto completion, no extending of my own classing and intelligent importing just does not make this a viable solution yet. But I am sure there is more to come…

So there you have it, the cloud is growing and growing. Exiting times indeed…

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February 6, 2011

A super bowl full of super ads

Post by Ogilvy

Isabelle Massé from La Presse asked some creatives, including our dear creative VP Martin which were the most remarkable Superbowl ads of all time. Here’s Martin’s picks.

- Wassup! – Budweiser (2000)

- Cat Cowboys – EDS (2000)

- Little Boy and the Vending Machine – Pepsi (2001)

- Parisian Love – Google (2010)

- 1984 – Apple (1984)

And to see the ones that will be featured tonight, check it out right here, right after the game.


January 31, 2011

Ogilvy Montréal delivers good news for your wallet

Post by Ogilvy

Your credit card has changed

Here is our latest effort which was developed for the Department of Finance Canada. This campaign was launched over the Holidays with executions specifically for radio and web. Its objective was to raise awareness about the new Canadian credit card regulation.

December 10, 2010

Ogilvy Montréal is helping keep kids healthy and safe

Post by Ogilvy

Healthy CanadiansHealth Canada benefited from our digital, health, advertising and social media expertise in the planning, creation and launch of, a website that aims to become the ultimate reference for children’s health and safety information in Canada.

An integrated campaign including banners, two TV/cinema commercials, digital boards, mall posters, print ads and a brochure was deployed across Canada to build awareness for this new website. A social media strategy was added to the mix with a Facebook page, a quiz-game app and a widget that allows parents to create their own virtual handbook of favourite pages from the website.

Cribb & Egg
Seats & Bottles


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Ogilvy 2b interactive signs Canac’s new website plans

Post by Ogilvy

It is with great pride that Canac inaugurated its brand new website – This large and exciting virtual construction site took several months to develop in close cooperation with Canac’s marketing team, Ogilvy Montréal and UMEN Innovation.

As the master developer in the website’s design, ergonomics and usability tests, Ogilvy Montréal also created the company’s brand new newsletter, while UMEN Innovation was mandated by Canac to direct the content management system and the site’s integration.

Inspired by the company’s signature, “C’est pas compliqué”, is intended to be truly simple and accessible, primarily geared to let the DIYer quickly find the tools and products that he needs. The sizeable catalogue is complemented by tools ranging from interactive shopping lists, to conversion and quantity calculators for ceramic tiles, gyproc and paint.

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December 3, 2010 gets another award at Infopresse’s Boomerang

Post by Ogilvy received another prize yesterday at Infopresse’s Boomerang awards ceremony held last night.  Love it!

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December 1, 2010

New friends have joined Ogilvy 2b interactive

Post by Ogilvy

Over the past few weeks, your very friendly Ogilvy Montréal digital team has had the great pleasure to welcome three new friends among their ranks: Sabrina Zerkoune, Alexandre Michel and Céline Cabrolier.

After working at Sanofi-Aventis and Just For Laughs, Sabrina becomes our brand new Project Manager. She brings with her her legendary calmness and exemplary professionalism.

An amateur wrestler and a professional integrator, Alex earned his experience at Inpix. He will now become the top speed integrator with us!

Ex-Cloudraker and ex-Revolver 3, Céline is our brand-new Account Director. An experienced manager and a geek since day one, she has a velvet hand… in an iron glove ;-)

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November 15, 2010 Wins at Digital Applied Arts Interactive Awards

Post by Ogilvy

Ogilvy Montréal and the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada are among the Digital Applied Arts 2010 Interactive Awards winners. This is our seventh award in less than two months! Winners list will be published in February 2011.

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November 9, 2010

Brother André intercedes on behalf of Ogilvy Montréal

Post by Ogilvy

It seems someone heard our prayers.

Last Tuesday, during its Festivals, Events & Attractions Convention, the Société des attractions touristiques du Québec unveiled its Coups d’Éclats! These annual awards celebrate its members’ excellence in promotion and advertising.

Saint-Josephs’s Oratory won for its TV ad developed by Ogilvy for Brother André’s canonisation campaign.

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